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Aug 21, 2019 ⎪ 3 days ago ⎪ url

This is something I wanted to do for while and I guess it’s now a perfect time do it .. Since I have my own instance on xoldie.com and Deaf.Rocks

I wanted to see what it like to not be on any big tech (Silicon Valley)  platform such as email, social media and others stuff

Delete / Abandoned

    • Facebook  (which already deleted on July 11th not my first time… I know I know, but this time is for real)
    • Instagram  ( which I already abandoned but could have just “temporally disable your account” so no can claim the name… Instagram would allowed you to claim a deleted name account after long period of time. )
    • SnapChat   ( just delete the app that easy thing to do)
    • Twitter   ( I am not sure what to do with this one. All my post on mastodon crossposted to twitter. Could just unfollowed everyone and abandoned the account or delete the account? )
    • YouTube  (Yep going delete them! OMG NOO! I only had 8 subscribers )
    • Gmail   (going delete them if that possible, I may only have to keep one since I have Android phone but don’t check the email )
    • WhatsApp  (I already got most of my family switch to signal. I should have deleted that long time ago. )
    • Twitch ( abandoned would like to use it later one day )

I am replacing…

    • Facebook to Minds
    • Twitter to Mastodon
    • Youtube to Bitchute, PeerTube and Mastodon
    • WhatsApp to Signal
    • Gmail to My hosting email:  hey @ Xoldie . com and  hey @ deaf.rocks , May look into ProtonMail.
    • Instagram to PixFed  https://pixfed.com/Xoldie 
    • Twitch to Dlive

The whole purposes of this to get away from all the data mining and Block all the Ad & tracking using Brave and Dissenter browser

I must keep Paypal, This is how I paid for my server… Just change the email  to paypal @ xoldie .com was using gmail email on PayPal.

If you have something better alternatives to what i am using right now.. please let me know

Check out Switching.social good stuff to read and learn..

Guten Tag – Xoldie


Jul 25, 2019 ⎪ 4 weeks ago ⎪ url

I am setting up my blog.. please follow me if you find this post on mastodon! Guten Tag!

Jul 24, 2019 ⎪ 1 month ago ⎪ url